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Your clinic is busy. You need educational tools at your fingertips, tailored to a variety of specific situations, and printable at a moment’s notice.

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We understand that you may only have 5 minutes to talk about healthy lifestyle changes with your patient. Let’s make those 5 minutes effective.

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Julie Sladek, MD

We all spend a lot of time talking with our patients about healthy lifestyle choices. I have found Motivational Interviewing to be an effective, respectful and empathetic method for counseling patients. I hope that this site will help physicians and other health care providers feel more comfortable counseling patients about healthy nutrition and exercise. Send me an email if you’d like to sign up for free access!

Tomas Puig

Tomas runs the technical and design side of the site and enjoys reading, books, and video games. While not a doctor himself someone has to make these free courses run.

Faculty Adviser

Davida Flattery, DO

Learning evidence-based communication tools to promote patient self-efficacy is as important as learning disease management guidelines when it comes to becoming an effective primary care provider.