Can I really lower my cholesterol without meds, Doc?

Maybe you’ve encountered this question in your clinic: can I actually reduce my cholesterol with diet changes?


And the answer is: Yes! In a recent study out of Finland, men and women lowered their average total cholesterol substantially through diet and exercise changes. Click here for the details:


Primary prevention and risk factor reduction in coronary heart disease mortality among working aged men and women in eastern Finland over 40 years: population based observational study


What’s more, they reduced their risk of a cardiovascular event by more than 80% by combining lifestyle changes of: reduced cholesterol, better blood pressure control, and quitting smoking.


Some people may still need the assistance of medication after implementing these lifestyle modifications. Here is a great decision-aide to help walk you through this. It’s published by the Mayo Clinic.


Statin Decision Aide


Special thanks to Dr. Thaler and Dr. Blackman for sharing this study!


See the “Handouts” page for how to lower your cholesterol through dietary changes.