Weight Loss Hacks

“Hack” = a clever solution to a tricky problem

-Urban Dictionary



#HUNGER — I know what I need to do, but I’m too HUNGRY when I diet

  • Don’t diet! Replace unhealthy food with healthy food; meals that give you energy, and are a balance of healthy protein, fat and complex carbohydrates
  • Try eating 3 meals and 2 snacks per day – that pesky hunger hormone grehlin won’t get so demanding!
  • Think of a snack as a mini meal – pair a carb (like an apple) with a healthy protein or fat (like string cheese)
  • Drink 6-8 cups of water per day
  • Avoid unhealthy foods mascarading as healthy: How many grams of sugar do you see on that nutrition label? If the sugar grams are much higher than the fiber grams, we have a recipe for blood sugar crash and hunger. Biggest offenders:
    • Bananas
    • Corn and potatoes
    • Certain Brands of Granola
    • Fruit Juices
  • Try choosing foods that are less “calorie dense”
    • For example:
      • Large cookie = 400 calories –>  hunger 40 min later
      • mixed green salad lightly drizzled with vinaigrette = 200 calories –> satiated for 2 hours
    • Eat more slowly – set a timer, take a full 20 minutes to eat your dinner
    • Experience your food – rather than watching tv and eating a bag of potato chips, eat at the table, pay attention to the look and taste of the food


easy button

#TRAVEL – I travel too much to lose weight, I have to eat at restaurants and cafes too much

  • Read: “Eat This Not That” by David Zinczenko–it’s got 4.5 stars on Amazon, so it must be good
  • Do not drink your calories
    • If you drink an 8oz soda or juice daily, you could lose 1 pound per month—without changing anything else—simply by replacing these with water!
  • Exercise is possible!
    • Work out in your hotel room 5 min per day – push ups, sit ups, squats
    • Explore the city’s parks on foot – even if it’s just on your lunch break for 15 minutes



#STRESSED – I need that comfort food sometimes!

  • What you need is to de-stress and do something
  • What else helps you to relax? Write down 2 things that help you to relax—besides food and alcohol
  • Yoga – there are some great YouTube videos!
  • Consider talk therapy – all the cool kids are doing it
  • Is your work/life balance out of wack? Write down 2 or 3 changes that might help make work more manageable



#TIME – I don’t have time to eat healthy!

  • Make a big batch of a healthy recipe on the weekend, and freeze it in Tupperware for the rest of the week
  • Excuse the pun, but maybe it’s time to make time? Write down 2 things that would improve in your life if you made time to cook at home.



#FALLING OFF THE WAGON – I have a hard time being consistent

  • Consider checking out the web/mobile app called “Rise” – personal daily health coaching with a nutritionist
  • Type A personality? Don’t beat yourself up! You can do this! A couple bad days here and there doesn’t mean that you are a failure.
  • Look for the “Low Hanging Fruit” – rather than dramatic changes, ask yourself: what one small healthy change would take the least will power?
    • Example: I eat an enormous sandwich for lunch. But if I have that sandwich with mustard instead of mayo, I may cut out up to 200 calories every day!
    • Choose one or two small changes, try to sustain them for 3-6 months, until it becomes a habit and feels only natural
    • Once that one small healthy step is a habit, pick the next lowest hanging fruit
    • Write down a couple of potential changes that could be “low hanging fruit”
  • Nighttime eating?
    • Consider eating less sugar at dinner, making the meal half veggies, ¼ healthy protein, and ¼ healthy carb (brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat toast) – you’ll have less of a blood sugar crash later!
    • If you suffer from insomnia, consider seeing your doctor (or a therapist) for help with this
  • Consider joining a weight loss program with a social/coaching/accountability aspect: Weight Watchers, Food Addicts, Rise App etc.
  • Grocery Shopping: don’t buy processed foods (chips, cookies, ice cream, etc), that you know will tempt you at home
  • Is your partner or roommate supporting or undermining your healthy nutrition goals? Talk with them about this. Ask for the help you’d like from them.
    • Example 1: Would it help if he or she makes fewer reservations per week at restaurants?
    • How about buying less ice cream or beer/wine when out grocery shopping?
    • Write down 1 or 2 things do you think your partner or roommate could reasonably help you with


Check out these 4 tips from Dr. Lustig too… (They work for both adults and kids!)