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How do I register?

The courses on this site are intended for health care providers. In order to take a course, send an email to, and you will receive a username and password. Patients are invited to check out the Blog and Handouts page for useful info / videos! 

Who pays for this stuff?

This site was mostly created by a variety of amazing volunteers. We also have QI project funding from Alameda Health System through applying with CIR.

Is this information accurate?

Great care has been taken to bring this information together from a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals. If you have suggestions for improvement please feel free to contact Dr. Sladek at

What is Motivational Interviewing?

Developed by doctors in the field of addiction, Motivational Interviewing is a way to elicit the patient’s point of view and reasons for change rather than preaching to the patient. Take our course for more detail!

I can't move on to the next lesson! Help please?

First make sure you register. We promise not to send you spam or sell your email address to annoying ad agencies / coorperations. Second, did you mark your latest lesson as complete? (It’s the button in the upper right hand corner.)

I've finished all of the courses, now what?

Good job! Take a look at our blog and post some comments if you like.

Will my quiz results have any bearing on my residency evaluations?

No. You are free to participate or not, answer questions right or wrong. No judgement here! No one is monitoring your quiz score.

How does this site look so nice?

You can thank Tomás Puig, tech geek extraordinare and WPEngine, a word press hosting company for this.


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