This site was designed as part of a resident-driven, Quality Improvement Project at Highland Hospital/ Alameda Health System. Most of the site’s Motivational Interviewing content is adapted from Dr. Flattery and Dr. Abramowitz’s Motivational Interviewing curriculum (1). Nutrition information was reviewed with our Nutritionist, Silvia Kellum, RD, as well as certified diabetes educator, Nancy Moline, RN.


The main focus of this site was originally to teach providers to use Motivational Interviewing (MI) in discussions about healthy eating habits and exercise. Motivational Interviewing  was first developed as a way of counseling people with alcohol addiction, and it now is used in many other clinical settings. In a recent meta-analysis of eleven randomized, controlled trials, MI was found to be an effective intervention to help patients to lose weight. When MI is followed up with a strong action plan and referral to a weight loss group or class, the intervention can be life-changing.


The site is now also doubling as a patient education resource, with open access to handouts and the Blog. (Because let’s face it, more and more people are getting their medical information from the internet, and wouldn’t it be nice if more of it was reliable!)


(1) Abramowitz S., Flattery D., Franses K., & Berry L. (2010). “Linking a Motivational Interviewing Curriculum to the Chronic Care Model.” J Gen Int Med, 4, 620-626.



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Many thanks…

This site was made possible with the help of many people and even a few organizations. Most importantly, we’d like to thank:

Davida Flattery, DO – Project Advisor

Tomás Puig – Site Developer and Camera Man

Sharone Abramowitz, MD – MI teacher to physicians ( & member, Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers

Julie Sladek, MD – Website and Course Developer

Asma Asyyed, MD – Actor and Content Contributor

Candice Branch, MD – Actor and Content Contributor

ChaRandle Jordan, MD, PhD – Content Contributor

Silvia Kellum, RD – Clinical Dietitian

Lucas Fogarty, Diabetes Educator – Content Contributor

Timothy Litwin, MD – Actor

Nancy Moline, RN and Certified Diabetes Educator – Content Contributor

Jigar Patel, MD – Actor

Mridula Rewal, MD – Actor

Irene Yen, PhD – Research Co-ordinator


CIR and AHS – Quality Improvement Project Funding




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What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing is a way to actively listen to your patients as they explore their ambivalence towards change, which helps to catalyze their decision to make a change. It recognizes that while the health care provider may be an expert in medicine, it is the patients who are the experts in their own lives.

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