Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Lesson #1: Spirit of MI

It is important to establish rapport–think of this as taking a friendly/ neighborly approach rather than acting as an authority figure

Motivational Interviewers:

  • Recognize that people are the experts about their own lives
  • Seek to elucidate the patient’s personal values and reasons why they want to change rather than imposing the health care provider’s reasons on the patient.
  • Encourage exploring ambivalence further, developing discrepancy between the status quo and the patient’s values and aspirations, making it more likely the patient will make a decision to change
Dr. Abramowitz, certified Motivational Interviewing trainer, speaks about the Spirit of Motivational Interviewing in this video:


Spirit of Motivational Interviewing from Julie Sladek on Vimeo.


Here’s another great introductory video to Motivational Interviewing,